Schwing along with Wayne’s World

So Steve and I had one of our rare nights out last night, to attend ‘Schwing along with Wayne’s World’ at the Prince Charles Cinema. I don’t know the film as well as him and definitely not as well as some of the other attendees, but it was still so much fun.

Equipped with natural blonde hair and the big glasses I requested my sister post down to me, I had, of course, determined to go as Garth. It proved more difficult than planned to find an outfit, for the simple fact that I’m a little girly girl through and through. I don’t own a single pair of faded jeans, nor any t-shirt other than ones that are bright pink or covered in flowers, nor any plaid shirts (or any shirts at all in fact). Anyway, I did what I could with denim shorts, a vest and one of Steve’s shirts.

The Victoria line was suspended (as happens so often on weekends) so we had to do it train-tube-tube down to Leicester Square.

Getting in early got us a red solo cup each and, with no spirits available behind the bar, I went retro with my drink too – first time I’ve drank Smirnoff Ice since I was an 18-year-old fresher starting uni! There was a pile of free donuts (touted as ‘jelly’ but actually just rings) and A LOT of people. Far too many people to fit into the tiny, sweaty, unbearably hot by-the-time-the-doors-finally-opened bar. Thankfully the adversity was lessened somewhat by a large proportion of those people being Waynes and Garths.

We were eventually welcomed in by another Wayne and Garth into a cinema with the strangest seating arrangement I’d ever seen. The floor curves, so that it dips down where the middle rows are – really didn’t see the sense in that, and wherever you sat you had to tilt your head upwards to look at the screen (there were people walking out cricking their necks afterwards). Best option for a shorty such as me was to sit near the front. The seats themselves were pretty well spaced apart and comfy though.

The Wayne and Garth that welcomed us in then took to the stage to initiate a fancy dress competition (unsurprisingly we were beaten by a long way!), a headbanging competition, a few singalongs and some schwinging practice. They gave us the rules for a drinking game that was over in the first half hour, due to running out of drink! But if you want to try it at home…

The Wayne’s World drinking game

Drink when:

  • Someone says ‘Schwing!’
  • Someone addresses the camera directly
  • Wayne puts his hair behind his ears
  • Wayne’s dream guitar is shown
  • Crucial Taunt (Cassandra’s band) play

I think I may have missed some, but those above are pretty sufficient anyway! Throughout the film the audience were laughing at the same things, cheering, awwing, booing, singing and quoting along in unison, making for a great atmosphere. All in all an excellent night out.


One thought on “Schwing along with Wayne’s World

  1. This is great Jubby! Now I can really keep up with what you’re doing, so far away from ‘home’! I will look forward to each new entry! xxxxx


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