Life without Internet…

I’m taking a small break from writing about my travels. Not because my enthusiasm is fading as time moves on, further and further away from our holiday, or because I don’t have time — although those things are partly true — but because we moved into a new flat last weekend and haven’t had Internet access since.

There are advantages, I’ve found, to having no Internet.

First, Steve is always ready to come to the dining table to eat his dinner. This is in contrast to my usual situation, of having to stand above him holding a hot, heavy plate until he manages to tear his attention away from the screen — filled with Twitter, Facebook, forums, news websites or even worse, an endless blog of iPhone autocorrect mistakes or similar — and move his laptop to create a space for the plate.

Second, we do things other than browse the web on our laptops all evening. Such as watching TV, reading, talking, or, most outrageously, household chores! How refreshingly irregular.

Third, I have so much more time. It’s got to the point where I don’t even care that I can’t check through Facebook and delete my emails every day. Admittedly, my Blackberry ensures I can watch for any important emails coming in, as well as check things such as Twitter and Facebook. Hence why, a lot of the time, Steve can be found looking intently at his iPhone for long periods of time, rubbing and prodding its screen, frequently expressing snarls or stamps of frustration at losing the 3G connection, or something taking too long, or a website not working. But it’s a change of device at least.

So, as much as I want Virgin to stop being utterly useless and connect us already (for real this time — the last attempt ‘failed’, apparently), having no internet has shown me another way of life. I’ve read through a number of old Stylists and Shortlists, done some washing and partially won my boyfriend back from the clutches of modern technology. But Virgin, don’t think that lets you off the hook — we are so getting some kind of recompense for the appalling service you’ve given us.


7 thoughts on “Life without Internet…

  1. Haha, this is just like the ‘olden days’ I’m always telling you about! When Dad and I were ‘courting’ (another olde word you always laughed at) we had no Internet, but somehow those simple times were so much richer. We only had 3 TV channels too! And yet, there was never a dull moment! Thanks for the laugh 😉 xxx


    1. Well, you didn’t have smart phones then! I kind of wish our internet deprivation had been complete, so that I really could have Steve all to myself… 😀


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