Red sands, warm waves and glowing embers — Ramla bay

Gozo/Malta break, day six of 11 — see days one, two, three, fourfive, seveneight, nine10 and 11 — or see the full list here

Readers, prepare yourselves — this was my favourite day of the entire holiday.

I’d read a little about Ramla bay, located on the northeast coast of Gozo, but didn’t want to overinflate my expectations before I’d seen it with my own eyes. Turns out, it was more beautiful than I possibly could have imagined.


Off the bus, down a lane and past a little area with cafes and showers, the beach spread out ahead of us magnificently — a warm blanket of red-gold sand, populated by a mere sprinkling of people and enclosed within an arc of verdant hills and crumbly yellow rocks. We walked to the far right corner of the bay, which we claimed entirely for ourselves; the nearest people were a good distance off.


This little slice of paradise had a different effect on each of us — Steve relaxed, rolling his towel out and languorously laying himself down upon it to drink in the sunlight and sounds of the waves. I, on the other hand, was overcome with euphoria — immediately stripping to my bikini and proceeding to run around the rocks, splash through the crystal-clear water, seek out the prettiest shells and to take a flurry of photos. I could hardly believe how beautiful it was. My only disappointment was that my photos couldn’t sufficiently capture it.

Eventually I coaxed Steve into the sea, the warmth of which surprised us both. The waves weren’t rough, yet were strong enough to take us with them. Once we’d swam all we wanted, we squeezed onto our single bath towel and huddled close, slipping into a balmy almost-slumber as the sun began to sink.


Dining al fresco
Persuaded only by our hunger, we eventually picked up and left the best beach I’d ever been on behind, catching the bus back home for another treat — our first (and only, sadly) barbeque by the pool. The meat was all there — we’d picked up chicken breasts, sausages, burgers and even steak for a bargain price from our local, very informal butcher in the morning, along with freshly baked buns, salad, condiments and all the ingredients for a tasty couscous side dish. Make that side bowl — we probably made enough of everything to feed a party of six!


I made up the couscous as Steve got the brick barbeque on the back porch going. I had a constant stream of smoky deliciousness falling onto my plate as he cooked and served each thing as it was done. The sun gradually set, leaving us lit merely by the glow of the embers and the ethereal shimmer of the pool lights. I’d never had a barbeque like it, which made it feel all the more special. I’d never had so much food offered me either. It was really was (and I know I say this a lot, but on this occasion it’s definitely true) the perfect end to a perfect day.

All text and photos (c) Juliet Langton, 2011. All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “Red sands, warm waves and glowing embers — Ramla bay

  1. Awww, sounds idyllic Jubby! I didn’t think Barafundle and Oxwich would be beaten! (Could be something to do with the temperatures?) Great photos! xxx


    1. Yes, it was a revelation swimming in waves that weren’t ice cold! And in my opinion it was just as beautiful as Barafundle and Oxwich (maybe more so), but in a different way – Welsh beaches have their own kind of beauty!


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