How to have the perfect trashy night in all alone

So in our current household situation, it seems my boyfriend Steve and I are rarely in together anymore.

I leave the house for work at 7am or earlier, return at around 6pm. Steve generally starts work at 5pm and returns in the middle of the night. And with him often working weekends too, for days on end we only see each other asleep. My only chance to speak to him is by phoning home at lunch! I’ve never been a solitary person — I don’t cherish ‘alone time’ as some do. So I didn’t welcome the prospect of spending many evenings alone.

However, there is one good thing to come out of this — I can be as lazy as I please. Microwave meals, pasta with pre-made sauce, lashings of ice cream and watching rubbish telly until I decide to slouch off to bed (at an unusually early hour). And Saturday nights were just made for this kind of activity.

1. Ensure you’re wearing the comfiest clothing there is — leggings and a jumper

2. Put your frozen pizza in the oven

3. Pour yourself a glass of wine (from a miniature bottle because you’re a loner, not an alcoholic)

4. Snuggle up on the sofa and switch on some trashy TV. In the UK right now, that’s The Voice followed by Britain’s Got Talent

5. Get pizza out the oven and eat it with your fingers (obviously)

6. Collect ice cream on a stick from freezer and eat luxuriously

7. Tweet inanely about the trashy telly you’re watching

8. When your eyes start to droop, it’s time to go to bed (and best of all, there’s hardly any washing up!)

And there you are, perfect. Unfortunately, there is another, not-so-good part that comes quite a bit later…

9. Get woken up by the door opening at 3.30am but be too groggy with wine and junk food to utter anything more than a grunt to returned boyfriend.


11 thoughts on “How to have the perfect trashy night in all alone

  1. Sounds idyllic… especially the ice cream! As someone who loves ‘alone time’ this sounds great to me! I suppose it could wear thin after a while though. How come the cooked pizza looks nothing like the picture on the box? Did you put your own toppings on? Looks yummy anyway xx


    1. Yes, the sweetcorn was added by me! You know how I must always have veg even when I’m being ‘unhealthy’… And I can highly recommend the creme egg ice cream!


  2. So True. This is me and Rich too. For at least a year now! I like the lonely nights in and of course it makes them treasured days and nights together much more memorable.


    1. Gosh, a year! I’m hoping Steve gets a 9-5 job soon, but you’re right, it does make you treasure the together times all the more 🙂 Thanks for reading!


  3. This post takes me back to my days living in my little studio in Bordeaux. I used to love rough winter nights, the rain crashing down on the roof, the wind howling threateningly, watching some trashy film while being cocooned in my king-size duvet!


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