Perivale’s bluebell wood

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One day a year, towards the end of April, the public is given free access to Perivale’s ancient bluebell wood — usually reserved exclusively for members of the Selborne Society, the community group that owns the wood and uses it for education. This goes some way to explaining why on its annual open day, Perivale Wood attracts more than 1,000 visitors.

Perivale bluebell wood

It’s a very restrictive time frame, and as a result this was the first year of three living here that we were able to attend. As small an event as it was, it was still worth holding out three years for!

As long as you know where it is (between 36 and 38 Sunley Gardens) the gate to the wood is very easy to find. There was a refreshments tent selling tea and cakes alongside jars of homemade jam and honey, as well as one from the RSPB and for children’s activities. We bypassed these to begin the one-mile walk around the wood. The dirt paths between the bluebells were thin and populated with a good number of other people, but we still managed to get some pretty photos.

The above photo was taken by me and the following photos were taken by Steve McCaul; you can view more of his photos on his Flickr account here.

DSC_0001-1 DSC_0042-1 DSC_0052-1 DSC_0080-1


5 thoughts on “Perivale’s bluebell wood

  1. Thanks for this – glad you could make it and enjoyed! The RSPB were there, not the RSPCA! The Reserve gate is between 36 and 38 Sunley Gardens, and though the gate is locked, Society members can borrow a key from the Library or the Cafe Rendezvous nearby. The Society actually owns the wood, and we use it for education – school field trips and have a programme of adult and junior field meetings too, all welcome.


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