Autumn at Loch Leven, Scotland

This year I’ve found myself more excited by ‘autumn colours’ than ever before, which should tell you something: Scotland ‘does’ autumn incredibly well.

There can be few walks nicer than one beside a forested loch on a crisp autumn day: the air cold and pure, the ground crunchy underfoot and your vision filled with thousands of red and gold leaves, gleaming in the bright sunlight and reflecting in the water.

Loch Leven-03554
Loch Leven-03532

A spontaneous trip to Loch Leven with a friend and her dog provided the perfect opportunity to capture autumnal Scotland at its finest. We didn’t have time to walk the full 12.5-mile / 20-kilometre circuit of the loch, but the short, level walk from Kinross Pier to Burleigh Sands and back (about 6 kilometres in all) was no less satisfying. Every turn seemed to present new irresistible photo opportunities.

Loch Leven-03536-2
Loch Leven-03533

When we reached the beach, the dog wasted no time in bounding into the loch and trying to retrieve a fallen tree! The bright blue sky reflected in the loch’s smooth surface looked absolutely dreamy. I think that Loch Leven is just one of those places – like many in Scotland – that would look beautiful whatever the season.

Loch Leven-03553
Loch Leven-03541-2
Loch Leven-03543

All text and photos (c) Juliet Langton. All rights reserved.


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