Whether it’s fine dining, street food or cooking at home, I love food in all its contexts. Below is a list of my tastiest blog posts.

Honest chicken burger


My ongoing mission to find and review London’s best chicken burgers


Gua bao


Heaven-sent Taiwanese buns: My favourite street food in London— BAO


Bacon BACON Bacon


When Burger Craft let us to try their full menu for free: Burger Craft’s coronation party


Bacon and leek risotto


My signature comfort food recipe: Hug-in-a-bowl leek and bacon risotto


The Double Candy Bacon Flipper


Five of London’s best burgers in one night: Burger Fest 2014


Coleslaw, barbecued spare rib and pulled pork


Succulent restaurant review: Meaty barbecued bliss at Bodean’s, Soho


Confit duck, 7 March 006


My favourite meat dish: Succulent and crispy duck leg confit


Cheese souffle


First-try cheese soufflé: The rise and fall of my first cheese soufflé




Filled chocolates: A Valentine’s Day guide to chocolates found in boxes


Peking duck 010


Peking duck: Impromptu Peking Duck (and Reduced to Clear logic)


Haggis nachos


Haggis nachos: An untraditional haggis supper for Burns Night


Watersports in Mellieha, 30 September 2011 018


Snails and traditional Maltese desserts: Flying like a bird, jumping waves like a maniac — Mellieha


Xaghra and Marsalforn, 24 September 2011 088


Candle-lit Maltese dinner: Underground, underwater, under the stars — Xaghra and Marsalforn


Mdina, Rabat and Dingli, 23 September 2011 059


Tearoom, pizza and cake: From the walled city to the edge of the world — Mdina and Dingli



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