Roam with Juliet

A travel, food and photography blog by Juliet Langton

About me

I’m Juliet, and I’m a travel addict. I enjoy nothing more than exploring new places and seeing the world.


That said, I’m not a backpacker or a jetsetter. I haven’t quit my job and sold all my worldly possessions to live life on the road, nor have I the money to take frequent extravagant holidays. And, having obtained my first passport at the relatively advanced age of 19, I’m not nearly as well-traveled as I’d like to be.

I fly economy class, stay in budget accommodation, and use TripAdvisor to find the best cheap eats. No-one’s paying me to review their travel gadgets or their fancy hotels. I’m just an average tourist like anyone else, working 9-5 to pay for my next trip and squeezing as much time out of my annual leave as possible. Between trips I work as a journalist, spending my weekends exploring my local surrounds (currently Scotland) and planning my next adventure abroad.

So when I do manage to escape, I make the most of it. Accompanied by my boyfriend, Steve, or sometimes by my sister, Tama, I endeavour to see, do and eat everything I can, and to document everything vividly in photos and words. So come roam with me around this beautiful Earth of ours – enjoy the sights, make new discoveries, and get inspired.

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