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About me

I’m Juliet, and I’m a travel addict. I enjoy nothing more than exploring new places and seeing the world.

That said, I’m not a backpacker or a jetsetter. I haven’t quit my job and sold all my worldly possessions to live life on the road, nor have I the money to take frequent extravagant holidays. And, having obtained my first passport at the relatively advanced age of 19, I’m not nearly as well-traveled as I’d like to be.

Me in a kayak

I fly economy class, stay in budget accommodation, and use TripAdvisor to find the best cheap eats. No-one’s paying me to review their travel gadgets or their fancy hotels. I’m just an average tourist like anyone else, working 9-5 to pay for my next trip and squeezing as much time out of my annual leave as possible. Between trips I work as a journalist, spending my weekends exploring my local surrounds (currently Scotland) and planning my next adventure abroad.

So when I do manage to escape, I make the most of it. Accompanied by my husband, Steve, or sometimes by my sister, Tamasin, I endeavour to see, do and eat everything I can, and to document everything vividly in photos and words. So come roam with me around this beautiful Earth of ours – enjoy the sights, make new discoveries, and get inspired.

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9 thoughts on “Roam with Juliet

  1. Hi,
    Loved your blog on Malta and Gozo and your wonderful photos! We spent 4 days on Gozo last year and loved it so much we are going back for 12 days…..please could you tell me where you are in the photo of you on the “about me” page?
    Thank you and keep writing your delightful blog!


    1. Hi Cate! Thanks so much for your comment, I’m really glad you enjoyed reading my blog.

      Lucky you, going again this year! On the above photo, I’m perched above the Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino. The point at which I’m sat is just above the rocks at which our cruise ship docked. The blog post for it is here. It is an incredibly beautiful spot!

      Juliet x


  2. Hey,

    I stumbled upon your blog as I was searching for anything about Perivale. I’m just applying for jobs in London after having lived in Cambridge for a few years, and judging by your post, it seems like a delightful place to live in. Maybe I’ll end up moving there one day!

    – Anna


    1. Hi Anna, I’m really glad you found my blog! Yes, Perivale is a lovely place to live, as long as you don’t mind getting the bus or tube for entertainment and going out – there’s little more than a big Tesco and a few little neighbourhood shops here. Although a nice 30-minute walk down the canal will take you to the small out-of-town Greenford shopping centre. I think Perivale’s quiet residential quality is what makes it so nice though. 🙂 If you have any further questions about Perivale, feel free to get in touch!


  3. Hi Juliet, I am thinking about moving to Perivale and i found your blog on google. Thanks for writing about it.
    Could you please let me know if your views are still the same? Also, do you feel quite safe walking by yourself? Any experience you could share about the area would be great. I have a little boy so I want to make sure Perivale is the right move for us. Thanks!


    1. Hi Fran! My views on Perivale are pretty much the same, it is still very quiet and in 2.5 years living here I’ve never felt unsafe. However my boyfriend did have his first bad experience recently, when he ran into a gang near Perivale Station when coming home near midnight on a Saturday (he returned to the tube station until they’d gone and came away unharmed). But I think he was just very unlucky as we’ve never experienced trouble before, plus being a young man himself I think he was more of a target. Honestly, it is predominantly young families who live here and I think you and your son would be very safe here. I hope that helps!


  4. Hi Juliet. Like a lot of people which your blog seems to attract, I am also thinking of moving to Perivale but not north just south of the A40 and I have been househunting and walking around the area. I didn’t venture to far north from the Perivale underground station but I was wondering what your thoughts were in terms of transport and general vibe of the area as I have been told it’s still very much an industrial estate and not so nice! Is there much of a sense of community?

    Love your blog btw. Esp the food posts! Hope you have a good bank holiday weekend. Cheers 🙂


    1. In terms of transport, it’s great having the central line nearby but other than that there’s only one bus that goes through Perivale, from Ealing Broadway to Wembley. If you have a car, it’s easy to get out of London and onto the motorway. I don’t experience a sense of community in day-to-day life (our neighbours keep to themselves) but there is a residents association that has its own club house, where you can probably find a good community! And there are very occasional community events (fireworks and open days for the bluebell wood, for example) that are good and draw big, friendly crowds. I think the population here is mostly young families and old people, and it’s very quiet – very few pubs and restaurants. I wouldn’t say it was an industrial area however – it’s very residential, and very green once you get past the station, with Horsenden Hill, Perivale Wood and the Union Canal just minutes away.
      I hope that’s useful, and thanks for dropping by!


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